Life is filled with so much unpredictability – a journey of straight roads,bumps,hills and valleys.We never know where the next crossroad will take us. The sound grounding in my Judeo – Christian faith has enabled me to hold on steadily in spite of it all.

The purpose of writing this blog is to give survival tips just in case you or someone you know might be faced with the loss of a spouse.

I am hoping you will learn how to fight for self and those who depend on you to get back up again. We either swim or drown when faced with Loss. It might sound harsh, life is about the survival of the fittest. Just taking one day at a time is basically your starting point.



Streams in the Desert

Sweetness of the Storm

In everything ye are enriched by him – 1 Cor 1:5

Have you ever seen men and women whom some disaster drove to a great act of prayer, and by and by the disaster was forgotten, but the sweetness of religion remained and warmed their souls?

So have I seen a storm in later spring; and all was black, save where the lightning tore the cloud with thundering rent.

The winds blew and the rains fell, as though heaven had opened its windows. What a devastation there was! Not a spider’s web that was out of doors escaped the storm, which tore up even the strong-branched oak.

But ere long the lightning had gone by, the thunder was spent and silent, the rain was over, the western wind came up with its sweet breath, the clouds were chased away, and the retreating storm threw a scarf of rainbows over her fair shoulders and resplendent neck, and looked back and smiled, and so withdrew and passed out of sight.

But for weeks long the fields held up their bands full of ambrosial flowers, and all the summer through the grass was greener, the brooks were fuller, and the trees cast a more umbrageous shade, because the storm passed by—though all the rest of the earth had long ago forgotten the storm, its rainbows and its rain. —Theodore Parker

God may not give us an easy journey to the Promised Land, but He will give us a safe one. —Bonar

It was a storm that occasioned the discovery of the gold mines of India. Hath not a storm driven some to the discovery of the richer mines of the love of God in Christ?

Is it raining, little flower?
Be glad of rain;
Too much sun would wither thee;
’Twill shine again.
The clouds are very black, ’tis true;
But just behind them shines the blue.

Art thou weary, tender heart?
Be glad of pain:
In sorrow sweetest virtues grow,
As flowers in rain.
God watches, and thou wilt have sun,
When clouds their perfect work have done.
—Lucy Larcom



Royal golden crown with jewels on british flag. Symbols of UK United Kingdom. 3d illustration

I have decided to write today on the Platinum Jubilee celebrations of Queen Elizabeth 11’, 70 years on the throne of England. From today the 2nd of June,2022, England celebrates 4 days of honouring and celebrating this achievement.

The Queen ascended the Throne of England on the 6th of February 1952. Her full title is Elizabeth 11, by the Grace of God of the United Kingdom, Canada, and her other realms and territories Queen, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith.

I think it is an excellent exemplary portrayal of female strength, leadership, and influence. She is 96 years old. And unfortunately, just over a year ago she became a widow.

The number 70 represents completion, wholeness, and the real thing. Seventy has a sacred meaning in scripture that is made up of the factors of two perfect numbers, 7 represents perfection and ten represents completeness and God’s law. Symbolizing perfect spiritual order carried out with all power.

 There is also a correlation between majesty and Jesus Christ. The Bible’s idea of majesty in relation to the messiah is to do with a combination of privilege with responsibility. The bible’s idea of kingship has nothing to do with celebrity but rather complete service and servitude.

The Queen emulates service and duty as she had to resume her duties as Queen at the death of king George vi at the young age of 25.

It has not been an easy reign in any stretch of the imagination. She has reigned during varying tumultuous political, economic, and social world climates. Plus reigned over the various family challenges that each season and generation change have brought to her family.

In the context of being a widow and greatness/grief there is a correlation, in that life and duty must be responded to as we cannot choose our birth position, responsibilities or what challenges are going to be thrown at us.

One thing in destiny is that there is a special dignity in being honoured and elected to sacrifice all to carry out a bestowed role.

There are many things this period of our Queen’s celebration of the 70 years jubilee indicates

  1. How we respond to responsibility and calling is crucial
  2. Resilience and focus are driving forces for success
  3. 100% commitment in duty and faithfulness always prevails

So, are you the lady being challenged by loss, remember the key to your overcoming is based purely on a healthy and positive Mindset, which impacts greatly your perception of current circumstances?

To conclude those of you who are in Christ own the royal identity of Christ, with all its abundant blessings. However, the conditions that come with this are like the Queen’s royal obligations – faithfulness, complete commitment, and obedience. This posture enables you to stand completely in the storms of life. Plus, to complete the race and gain a reward.

Stay well and remember there is always hope after loss.     

Grief continues to evolve! So be encouraged today! Get the help you need as soon as possible.

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Connecting with others will strengthen your recovery. This will give you a greater insight to where you might see your future.

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Streams in the Desert

Greatest Gifts Come Through Travail

For Abraham, when hope was gone, hoped on in faith. His faith never quailed – Rom 4:18-19

We shall never forget a remark that George Mueller once made to a gentleman who had asked him the best way to have strong faith.

“The only way,” replied the patriarch of faith, “to learn strong faith is to endure great trials. I have learned my faith by standing firm amid severe testings.” This is very true. The time to trust is when all else fails.

Dear one, you scarcely realize the value of your present opportunity; if you are passing through great afflictions you are in the very soul of the strongest faith, and if you will only let go, He will teach you in these hours the mightiest hold upon His throne which you can ever know.

“Be not afraid, only believe.” And if you are afraid, just look up and say, “What time I am afraid I will trust in thee,” and you will yet thank God for the school of sorrow which was to you the school of faith. —A. B. Simpson

“Great faith must have great trials.”

“God’s greatest gifts come through travail. Whether we look into the spiritual or temporal sphere, can we discover anything, any great reform, any beneficent discovery, any soul-awakening revival, which did not come through the toils and tears, the vigils and blood-shedding of men and women whose sufferings were the pangs of its birth? If the temple of God is raised, David must bear sore afflictions; if the Gospel of the grace of God is to be disentangled from Jewish tradition, Paul’s life must be one long agony.”

“Take heart, O weary, burdened one, bowed down
Beneath thy cross;
Remember that thy greatest gain may come
Through greatest loss.
Thy life is nobler for a sacrifice,
And more divine.
Acres of bloom are crushed to make a drop
Of perfume fine.

“Because of storms that lash the ocean waves,
The waters there
Keep purer than if the heavens o’erhead
Were always fair.
The brightest banner of the skies floats not
At noonday warm;
The rainbow traileth after thunder-clouds,
And after storm.”


The effectual power to Command Change🌈❤️

Streams in the Desert

Believing Prayer

Peter was kept in prison: but prayer [instant and earnest prayer] was made for him. – Acts 12:5

Peter was in prison awaiting his execution. The Church had neither human power nor influence to save him. There was no earthly help, but there was help to be obtained by the way of Heaven. They gave themselves to fervent, importunate prayer. God sent His angel, who aroused Peter from sleep and led him out through the first and second wards of the prison; and when they came to the iron gate, it opened to them of its own accord, and Peter was free.

There may be some iron gate in your life that has blocked your way. Like a caged bird you have often beaten against the bars, but instead of helping, you have only had to fall back tired, exhausted and sore at heart. There is a secret for you to learn, and that is believing prayer; and when you come to the iron gate, it will open of its own accord. How much wasted energy and sore disappointment will be saved if you will learn to pray as did the Church in the upper room! Insurmountable difficulties will disappear; adverse circumstances will prove favorable if you learn to pray, not with your own faith but with the faith of God (Mark 11:22, margin). Souls in prison have been waiting for years for the gate to open; loved ones out of Christ, bound by Satan, will be set free when you pray till you definitely believe God. —C. H. P.

Emergencies call for intense prayer. When the man becomes the prayer nothing can resist its touch. Elijah on Carmel, bowed down on the ground, with his face between his knees, that was prayer—the man himself. No words are mentioned. Prayer can be too tense for words. The man’s whole being was in touch with God, and was set with God against the powers of evil. They couldn’t withstand such praying. There’s more of this embodied praying needed. —The Bent-knee Time

“Groanings which cannot be uttered are often prayers which cannot be refused.” —C. H. Spurgeon


The Soulmate principle?


The Soulmate principle is finding that special person and only person you want to build your family and future with. From a Judeo-Christian faith, it is the connection made between a male and a female. This starts with courting and then marriage.

The emphasis here is on the importance of relationships, family and marriage for personal growth and wellbeing.

 A Soulmate is one who just gets you. One who has similar core values and ethics as you do. A connection of minds, a mutual respect, mutual commitment, unconditional love, and a total understanding.

Finding your Soulmate will eventually propel you to Marriage. Every relationship will have its challenges (as its two flawed individuals uniting as one).

The stronger you develop the bond of commitment and learn how to manage the different elements that surface in intimate relationships the greater the success of riding the storms. I am a great advocate of Pre-Marriage coaching as it aims to save your marriage before it starts.

The period of the pandemic has made us more appreciative of human connections, the natural way God has created us to connect with each other.

if it is in your vision to meet your Soulmate discover more on the links below.