I have learnt from my life experiences that the ability to forgive self and others is a spiritual gift. Our pain and life disappointments can make it difficult to let go of the past to forgive. Sometimes we try to forget yet never really forgive.

The act of Forgiveness is to be expressed and exercised in different situations.For example when hurt from loss, when others hurt us unaware, personal pain that creates guilt or not letting go of our past.

We have to find a way to forgive ourselves first and hopefully forgiving others will come gradually.Some hurts cut very deep,seemingly impossible to move on from and forgive.Yet hurts that we do not let go of affect our ability to move forward in to a stronger future.

The loss of a spouse can create feelings of not being able to forgive and yet a need to find absolution from it. The feelings of being abandoned by a late spouse can result in carrying issues that you can not let go of.

Nearly 7 years has passed since my loss, i have only in the last few months been able to verbally express that i forgive my Spouse for passing away and leaving me with two children to raise by myself.

I was not aware i harboured such feelings until i confessed my thoughts at that moment.Since then I feel free from the unconscious burden of guilt i carried.

I have constantly prayed for the Lord to give me the gift of forgiveness – when you experience this it enables you to voice hidden grievances you are not aware you hold.Memories of pain start to fade gradually.

Forgiving allows you to move on naturally and it opens you to hope,love and Joy.

This gives you a natural expectation to live and plan for a new future.

Signing off now,there is Hope after loss.


Published by yemi278

I loss my husband over 8 years ago. I am a mother of two daughters. I have worked for over 20 years in Mental Health - empowering and giving holistic support to adults with long term Mental health challenges. I have seen through my work human beings have the ability and inner strength to survive any form of loss with the right support from family, friends and community.

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