The Covid 19 with all it’s variants shall not steal your health, focus, vision nor life’s work.

Self isolation for me and many can be quite scary as it denotes being by your self and being alone.In a society that can be quite lonely at times,especially living in a cosmopolitan city, you can easily wonder what you are going to do with all the time you have.

It’s the 7th week of Lockdown in the United Kingdom,if you are reading this,then you have endured so far.I wonder what your days have been like?Have you created something out of your natural gifts and talent?

Have you started writing a diary that perhaps might become a book? Or are you baking more of those Vegan cakes to order on a larger scale.It’s amazing what our minds can produce when in solitude.Do sever every moment.

I know we have to prevent the spread of the virus and maintain 2 metre social distance yet the word self isolation conjures for me the period l lost my husband.

While l was off work,everyone was away at work, every where was quiet,and l was by myself. Yet l could think much clearly in the midst of the isolation. l was physically conscious of being alone however l could picture what l would like my future to look like.

So to avoid the hidden fear of that period of Grief l have decided to maximise the time l have now off work, to continue writing and explore other ways of making streams of income,on line.The emphasis is to educate and up-skill.

If ever a time, the Pandemic has opened my mind to the need to know how to work more effectively on line, than any other season. I can see much clearly the fruits of working from home and working more independently

Being physically present at home enables me to be with my children,manage my own time,keep safe from the virus and also connect with people via Social media.However there is nothing as valuable as connecting directly in a room or real space with others.Social media is the only alternative right now,do learn how to use it.

So every adversity has a silver lining. So l’m saying if you have stopped work or you are working from home, any free time you have is an opportunity to do things you have been putting off for so many years.Perhaps the half written book,the plan to work independently, maximise your creativity, learn a new skill, or spend more time finding what your unique gift is.

Please make use of the time,as the days are short.Appreciate the time you get to be with your family.For some of you there is no reason to run off now to work or school/university.
It is a time perhaps to deal with underlying issues we avoid at home by immersing ourselves in so called work.E.g. Hidden personal grievances,hurts,forgiveness issues etc.

Self isolation raises the issue of Mental Health and how it could impact you.Not speaking for days to anyone can be soul destroying as it eats away at your confidence.

The more we talk or engage with others the more we grow our creative skills.I guess you must know now, that the isolation unit in most institutions of correction in the world, are the most punishing and demeaning for any individual.

So Plan also on how to take care of your Mental Health during this time.Ponder on these tips

  1. Set yourself a daily routine
  2. Drink and eat healthily.
  3. Do some form of daily exercise.
  4. Connect to at least one individual daily verbally or virtually by Social Media
  5. Not communicating with anyone but just your TV box is not good for your mind.Your mind needs to be stimulated by connecting to another human being.
  6. Go for a walk, this is allowed – the outdoor is especially good for your Mental Health.
  7. Open the windows and ventilate your home daily.
  8. Finish reading that book you have been struggling with or pick up one of the various recipe books you have and make a new meal for your family?
  9. Reach out by phone etc to those you know are living on their own or are vulnerable.
  10. Pray daily and confess positive affirmations to your self.
  11. *If you are concerned about your business or job find out on line, through your local authority what you are financially entitled to.*

Remember it is never over until the Lord says it’s over!! Exercise wisdom at all times in keeping well and staying safe.

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Published by yemi278

I loss my husband over 8 years ago. I am a mother of two daughters. I have worked for over 20 years in Mental Health - empowering and giving holistic support to adults with long term Mental health challenges. I have seen through my work human beings have the ability and inner strength to survive any form of loss with the right support from family, friends and community.

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