Opening your heart to love again?

Do you wonder what others around you might say if you step out to engineer change? How do you combat the voice that convinces you of being fine just the way you are? Are you tied to fear, guarding self-image and living in an unconscious tirade of self-deception? Or do you not know where to begin a change? What can be the worst that can happen?

When we want to engineer change there is an inner voice that tries to convince you of being alright where and how you are. The mind then becomes afraid to move past these thoughts. So, your physical body wants to move but your mind is unconsciously telling it to stay where there is comfort.

The worst deterrent to our success to change is self-deception. Because you have stayed in Egypt so long you convince yourself that you are doing well. You have been on your own so long that you start to convince yourself that you are fine and you do not need someone to share your life with. Convinced your children and grandchildren fill you enough.

Are you middle aged, single, divorced or widowed and have been out of a relationship for Years? My question to you is What do you do when children grow up and move away? Or   your grandchildren grow or decide to live across the other side of the world? Or you are now working less restricted hours, self-employed, friends have moved on as they do and you have all this extra time to fill.

Do you have an underlying fear of uncertainty of what you will do with all this free time, with no one to share your life with? We live very long life’s now – hopefully with better healthcare and more disposable income. Who do you share your life with?

The reverse could be you are just hitting 28/30 years of age, your career is at its peak. You are just finally realising that life would be better with someone special to share it with. That voice convinces you that you are fine and do not want a companion to upset the applecart. You deceive yourself with these thoughts because of a past bad experience of dating someone.

Perhaps you are now in a better place to define who you are and what you expect in a future partner/spouse and also can afford a coach to guide you away from the pitfalls.

It only takes talking to someone neutral and with a fresh perspective to get you thinking and changing your perception of personal relationship. From the creation of humanity, we are made to thrive in relationships – family, friends and with a soulmate. So, we always have a conscious or unconscious gaping hole emotionally when our relationship needs are not met or not fulfilling.

After 20 weeks or so of the lockdown and easing of it in the UK it has been a time when we are forced to take a personal look at our life’s holistically at things that have never worked and need changing and things that can improve. So, if you are ready and courageous open yourself to a new personal connection now. When there is a desire the next thing is to act on it.

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we save you a lot of time and guide you in how to use timeless principles to accomplish your success.

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Courage enables you to overcome pending fear of making that change.  The greatest story we can ever give is when we move from a restricted life to one of victory.        


Published by yemi278

I loss my husband over 8 years ago. I am a mother of two daughters. I have worked for over 20 years in Mental Health - empowering and giving holistic support to adults with long term Mental health challenges. I have seen through my work human beings have the ability and inner strength to survive any form of loss with the right support from family, friends and community.

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