The Soulmate principle?


The Soulmate principle is finding that special person and only person you want to build your family and future with. From a Judeo-Christian faith, it is the connection made between a male and a female. This starts with courting and then marriage.

The emphasis here is on the importance of relationships, family and marriage for personal growth and wellbeing.

 A Soulmate is one who just gets you. One who has similar core values and ethics as you do. A connection of minds, a mutual respect, mutual commitment, unconditional love, and a total understanding.

Finding your Soulmate will eventually propel you to Marriage. Every relationship will have its challenges (as its two flawed individuals uniting as one).

The stronger you develop the bond of commitment and learn how to manage the different elements that surface in intimate relationships the greater the success of riding the storms. I am a great advocate of Pre-Marriage coaching as it aims to save your marriage before it starts.

The period of the pandemic has made us more appreciative of human connections, the natural way God has created us to connect with each other.

if it is in your vision to meet your Soulmate discover more on the links below.


Published by yemi278

I loss my husband over 8 years ago. I am a mother of two daughters. I have worked for over 20 years in Mental Health - empowering and giving holistic support to adults with long term Mental health challenges. I have seen through my work human beings have the ability and inner strength to survive any form of loss with the right support from family, friends and community.

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