Streams in the Desert Sweetness of the Storm In everything ye are enriched by him – 1 Cor 1:5 Have you ever seen men and women whom some disaster drove to a great act of prayer, and by and by the disaster was forgotten, but the sweetness of religion remained and warmed their souls? SoContinue reading “WORDS TO ENCOURAGE YOU!”



I have decided to write today on the Platinum Jubilee celebrations of Queen Elizabeth 11’, 70 years on the throne of England. From today the 2nd of June,2022, England celebrates 4 days of honouring and celebrating this achievement. The Queen ascended the Throne of England on the 6th of February 1952. Her full title isContinue reading “HONOURING 7O YEARS OF ROYAL SERVICE (UK)!”

The effectual power to Command Change🌈❤️

Streams in the Desert Believing Prayer Peter was kept in prison: but prayer [instant and earnest prayer] was made for him. – Acts 12:5 Peter was in prison awaiting his execution. The Church had neither human power nor influence to save him. There was no earthly help, but there was help to be obtained byContinue reading “The effectual power to Command Change🌈❤️”

The Soulmate principle?

The Soulmate principle is finding that special person and only person you want to build your family and future with. From a Judeo-Christian faith, it is the connection made between a male and a female. This starts with courting and then marriage. The emphasis here is on the importance of relationships, family and marriage forContinue reading “The Soulmate principle?”