How to initiate a relationship with God!

One of the keys to an integrated life is to have a faith in a Bible believing God that allows us in his power to live an abundant and boundless life with no sorrow. The question is how do you initiate a relationship with the God of the Bible? 1, a. You need to openContinue reading “How to initiate a relationship with God!”


What do you really feel inside?

Most people say I want change but say it with their lips but it does not resonate with their souls. You may look beautiful and physically fit on the outside, yet your soul may be broken and spirit empty. If your physic (external appearance) is strong but your soul and spirit is weak your physicContinue reading “What do you really feel inside?”


Some level of courage is required when you decide to make a change.  The tendency is to stay in a comfort zone. Self-preparation to meet someone new and actually stepping out to look requires courage. An 100% of this will increase your leverage by miles. 100% allows you to cast your vision of change andContinue reading “COURAGE TO FIND THE ONE WHO COMPLEMENTS YOU!”