The Soulmate principle?

The Soulmate principle is finding that special person and only person you want to build your family and future with. From a Judeo-Christian faith, it is the connection made between a male and a female. This starts with courting and then marriage. The emphasis here is on the importance of relationships, family and marriage forContinue reading “The Soulmate principle?”

How to initiate a relationship with God!

One of the keys to an integrated life is to have a faith in a Bible believing God that allows us in his power to live an abundant and boundless life with no sorrow. The question is how do you initiate a relationship with the God of the Bible? 1, a. You need to openContinue reading “How to initiate a relationship with God!”


Some level of courage is required when you decide to make a change.  The tendency is to stay in a comfort zone. Self-preparation to meet someone new and actually stepping out to look requires courage. An 100% of this will increase your leverage by miles. 100% allows you to cast your vision of change andContinue reading “COURAGE TO FIND THE ONE WHO COMPLEMENTS YOU!”